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Colebee is a growing community with young and growing families. Our mission is to provide catered services that address the concerns of the surrounding community, by linking patients with the appropriate specialists and allied health professionals that will ensure improvement of overall health and wellbeing.

PGK Medical is a practice that provides the unique experience of a small clinic but has the versatile access to services that reflect the community’s needs. Our inclusive approach means we put community first in all we do. It inspires us to take the time to invest in education so we can better cater to our patients. These values are also why we focus on community specific specialties such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and skin cancer. Comprehensive and compassionate care for all.

Back to where it all began

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The Genesis.

From the tender age of three, Dr Helen Keteku-Adu always knew that she wanted to be a doctor. Encouraged by her parents (Paul and Gladys Keteku) to follow her dreams and open her own practice, she honoured their support by naming the practice after them.

Dr Helen Keteku-Adu has been providing quality care since she graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2013. PGK Medical’s approach to patient care and experience follows Dr Keteku-Adu’s vision of prioritising collaboration, education and personalised treatments to ensure each patient is cared for fully and extensively.

Meet our team.

Helen Keteku-Adu
Principal Doctor
Since graduating with a degree in Medicine from the University of Wollongong in 2013, Dr Helen Keteku-Adu has used her wealth of knowledge to provide patients with informed and compassionate care, all over Australia. Dr Keteku-Adu’s passions/interests are in: Mental health, Children’s health, Women’s health, Chronic Disease Management and Dermatology.
Ishika Masud
General Practitioner
Dr. Masud is a dedicated healthcare professional with a particular interest in women and children's health. She is continually expanding her knowledge in nutrition management and its effects on health. We are delighted to welcome Dr. Masud to the PGK Medical team, and we believe that she will be a great asset to our organization. Dr. Masud is available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Rachael Hinchcliffe
Registered Nurse
Rachael has been a passionate Registered Nurse since 2016 and is currently in the process of completing a graduate certificate in women’s health. Her areas of specialisation are in immunisations, wound care, health assessments, GP management plans, spirometry and assistance in minor surgical procedures.
Mitchell Holdsworth
Mitch is a big believer in treating all patients with the best available treatments, and taking his time with his patients, to allow them to have the best understanding of how to overcome their injuries. Mitch has a strong interest in sports rehabilitation and is passionate about providing workplace training, injury prevention programming and treating workplace injuries within the Occupational sector.
Campbell Waldron-Smith
Campbell completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Charles Sturt University in Orange in 2022. He was fortunate to travel rurally for placements with a highlight being working within the Intensive Care Unit in the Mildura Public Hospital. Growing up in Canberra he played a variety of sports, his favourite’s being Rugby Union and Rowing.
Campbell enjoys treating a variety of injuries, but has special interests in ankle sprains, lower back injuries and gym related injuries. Campbell will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Andrea Popovic
Andrea is a dietician who strives to provide sustainable ongoing nutrition care focusing on her clients individual needs so the strategies or meal plans recommended are highly personalised to her client. She makes sure that the strategies she develops with her clients are enjoyable (contain favourite foods), easy to follow (realistic for clients to achieve) and relate to the latest evidenced- based research to meet their health needs and conditions. Andrea also recognises the importance of longevity once nutrition and health related goals are achieved. She assists her clients not only achieving their goals, but providing them with the knowledge and skills to sustain their goals long term.
Ronica Phan
Ronica is a psychologist with experience working in community, hospital and forensic residential settings. She believes that every client has the capacity to live a meaningful life, and that her role is to help them learn whatever skills needed to overcome any obstacles that emerge.
Throughout her career Ronica has worked across the age range, from primary school-aged children to adolescents to adults. Ronica has a particular strength in targeting problem behavior and trauma symptoms. With her experience in the public sector Ronica has an eye for identifying comorbidity and addressing these issues concurrently. She understands the need to approach concerns at a pace that matches the client.

Therapy Dog
King is Ronica’s trustee sidekick. He is a therapy dog and a wonderful support for those that are dog lovers
Kathryn Laird
Skin Manager
With over a decade of experience in the health and beauty industry, Kathryn, the founder of Elixir Skin Clinic, has a profound passion for enhancing health and skin. Kathryn believes in a holistic approach to skin care, focusing on both internal and external treatments.
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Charlotte Duncan
Charlotte has a passion for helping people. She exudes a naturally calm and welcoming nature which she uses to ensure patients feel their best at every visit.
Celine Hassan
Celine is armed with vast experience that enables her to juggle many balls at once. With her warm and attentive personality, she makes sure patients feel safe, seen and heard.

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