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Our skin is as unique as you are! If you're not quite sure which facial is the perfect fit for your skin concerns, don't worry – we've got you covered. Just book a 90-minute appointment, and together, we'll find the ideal facial treatment that suits you best. We take into account your specific skin conditions and worries to suggest the perfect facial.

At our place, we cater to all skin types and have a track record of helping out with issues like acne, brightening up tired-looking skin, strengthening those skin barriers, slowing down the aging process, shrinking pores, saying goodbye to freckles and pigmentation, removing skin tags, and reducing those pesky broken capillaries. Plus, our treatments come with a side of soothing massages and a relaxed atmosphere to make your Elixir experience truly special.

Treatment Menu 

Anti Wrinkle Injections

15 mins ~ Price Varies
Injectables for wrinkles. Dr Sarah has over 17 years experience as an injector. She is also a psychiatrist who is very understanding with new and existing patients. Her cosmetic injecting is always subtle. You are welcome to book in and consult on the premise of treatment if you feel comfortable. Dr Sarah will offer you a fair price depending on how many units you need. She will offer package deals when multiple areas are treated.

Dermal fillers

15mins ~ $490 per ml
IWhen combined with anti-wrinkle injectables and more than 1ml packages can be offered Designed to:
1.  Enhance your lips by increasing volume and definition
2. Reduce smile lines and elevate downward corners of your mouth for a complete lip and mouth rejuvenation
3. Treat facial lines and wrinkles such as frown lines and nasolabial folds. 
4. Restore volume to your cheeks, chin and tear troughs
5. Help to define and/or correct your nose bridge
6. Improve the hydro balance and moisture content of areas such as your hands, neck and décolleté
7. Add cheek volume


Deep Sea Herbal Peel (Advanced Peel)

1 hour ~ $160
An amazing advanced non chemical peel. Amazing for reducing pigmentation, uneven texture and resurfacing the skin. We include LED light therapy. In my experience of skin treating I see the best results with this medical facial when your main concerns are pigmentation and uneven skin texture.

ULTRACEUTICALS mandelic or lactic peel + sonophoresis + mask

1 hour ~ $140
Extractions + $30. Minor extractions included if required.
Brilliant for deep cleansing skin renewal and rejuvenation. This treatment will be specialised to your skin concern (dull, congested, acne, dehydrated, pigmented, enlarged pores). Your skin will glow after! We use sonophoresis to enhance the delivery of the active ingredients used.


1 hour ~ $190
Our most advanced Ultraceuticals facial to help plump, refine and deeply hydrate the skin. Vitamin A helps to treat anti aging and pigmentation.


1 hour ~ $150
We've transformed your professional facial into a luxurious golden gentle experience with the highest infusion of 24K gold on the professional market and Niacinamide, HA & Antioxidants. We include the hydro jelly mask to match and LED/ Radio frequency skin tightening. A lovely relaxation massage is included. You can expect your skin to feel more hydrated. We've even seen broken capillaries, pigmentation reduced and a reduction in fine lines.

ULTRACEUTICALS Refine and Hydrate facial

1 hour ~ $165
Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. Your skin will receive a hyaluronic b vitamin renewal treatment and a vitamin B+ peptide hydration mask for instantly dewy skin proven to boost hydration by 380%. We see an instant improvement in skin clarity and broken capillaries. Complimented with a massage.

O2Derm with LED Facial

1 hour ~ $180
We're so excited to bring this revolutionary skin technology to Australia. This treatment helps lightens pigmentation, stimulates collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates and improves the skin texture and tone. Perfect for acne clients with helping kill the bacteria under the skin. Nutrients are also penetrated into the skin to a deeper level with a use of an oxygen gun.
During this treatment you will spend 20 minutes breathing negative ions known of anions. This treatment revitalizes the cell metabolism, enhances immune function, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and boosts energy. Known to help clients suffering from allergies, cold symptoms, headaches or hangovers.

Hifu full face and neck

1 hour, 45 mins ~ $490
HIFU 3D ULTRASOUND is the deepest no invasive skin treatment we offer.
Tightens and lifts sagging skin on a muscular level
Ultrasound lifts the deep muscle (SMAS) that surgeons pull back in a face lift. Our HIFU is not pain full and there's no down time. WOW results by many.

SQT Bio-microneedling (Available from November)

SQT Bio-microneedling is an incredible technology designed to treat, active acne & pimples, acne scarring ,refines overall texture & tone, improves wrinkles/fine lines & open pores, fades pigmentation & sunspots, a natural melanin inhibitor ,reduces excess sebum production, treats congestion & blackheads, exfoliates dead skin cells & provides nourishment, brightens a dull appearance, stimulates collagen production and increases a more effective product absorption by 3,000%.

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